There is actually nothing new under the sun, says the Christian Holy Book, the Holy Bible. Considering the age long existence of the Bible, one begins to wonder what really was taking place as at the time when Solomon was moved to write the above statement.

Does it mean that what is happening in our radically and drastically changed world was also applicable in Solomon’s time? No, I personally do not think so. Or do we say that the present day Nigeria is playing back history?

Then the question is which nation in Bible time is Nigeria repeating her history?

The truth is ‘it will be better for Sodom, because if it had had all the preachers and clerics that Nigeria has it would have repented’. Nigeria, an innocent land, a peace loving and fertile land, with clement climatic condition has with time produced what it has not been able to tame – Nigerians.

Nigerians have committed so much atrocities and ill that everything in this State is now upside and down. Everything now smells and spells “doom doom”.

There is time for everything, still observed king Solomon, but today in Nigeria we have time, but do not observe time and so everything and every sphere have gone out of time structure. Things now happen at impulse. The events of nowadays leave everyone wondering, what is happening?

In my years of existence in this nation, I never heard of flood sweeping several states as it did in 2012. Or was it trying to sweep away our atrocities and ill?

Aside that, how many men of top echelon ( with all their protective walls) have we lost in just in recent times, no, in just 2012? Yes, death can overtake a man’s life at any point in time, but the way in which those disasters, injuries and deaths of our high ranking people occurred was strange.

While 2012 has been termed so many things, like the year of disaster, 2013 is yet unfolding. Even though we are praying for a better year, but I want to state here that if there are evidences of 2012 situations brought forward to this year, then there is still problem, because 1+1 will always give 2

With current happenings in the country, one is forced to ask what the time holds for our dearly beloved one Nigeria.

But then, I still have hope in my country, Nigeria. However, that hope will only be real if we – Nigerians – will allow some kind of positive change and humane feelings into our actions. That hope will only come alive if our big wigs who are still opportuned to be alive would derive some lessons out of their fallen colleagues of 2012. That hope cannot come unless our men who are in the middle class will truly bridge the gaps they have either created or left open. That hope will not come until those of us on the lower rung decide to sweep clean our nation.

All of us must decide to render selfless service to our citizens betterment, we must decide to “serve Nigeria with all ‘our’ strength” and until then, it is still a question of which way Nigeria?


One thought on “WHICH WAY NIGERIA?

  1. Like you righly noted, our problem is not Nigeria; our problem is Nigerians. We are the problem weighing our dear nation, Nigeria down. And one of the problems we have created is that of SYSTEM. We have a very bad system and we use that same system in our daily dealings. And this system has eaten deep into us that it has corrupted us and we noe tend to think that our problem is CORRUPTION. Corruption in itself is only but a sign(or symptom) of the ILL AND EVIL SYSTEM we are suffering from. And another error I have discovered is

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