Chukwu Ogba’s Blog (COB) is a place of original quotes and life lessons to inspire, movitate, persuade, dissuade, teach and unteach someone.

We all tend to cherish and quote certain comments made by people, especially those we consider to be thought leaders, but I want to let you know that we all have the capacity to influence the next person through our own original quotes. Who told you that the world cannot quote you? Or wouldn’t you want the world to quote you? Simply begin here by quoting yourself.

Life presents us with diverse conditions, out of which we can share experiences with even the least line of text or words.

So join me here let’s share those original quotes coming right from us and the lessons life has taught us.

Your life lesson or even quotable statements could be a life saver or changer to someone out there; you never really can say.

In short, this is the place to Voice it out!

So go ahead and share!


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